How XRACE Works


How XRACE Works


XRACE is a mystery adventure race where parent and child aged 6-14 race together, locate and complete 10 mystery challenges; racing the clock and all the other family teams. A team is made up of two people:

  • an adult; dad or mum or a trusted relative or family friend and

  • a child aged between 6 and 14 years of age.

The challenges range from physical (like tug-of-war) to mental (like the memory challenge) to knowledge based (like the music challenge). The challenges change from year to year and course to course. No XRACE is ever the same.


Each XRACE has 10 different challenges. There are two different types of challenges - mystery challenges and compulsory challenges. Your team must successfully complete one challenge before moving onto the next.  



Most challenges your team will complete along the racecourse will be mystery challenges. You will not know what the challenge is until you receive your challenge card during the race. Below is an example of a mystery challenge from last year - click on the music link to listen to the tracks, Can you name all the themes?



Each season we have a compulsory challenge. What makes these special is that teams are told in advance of their race day what a compulsory challenge is and how to prepare for it. The true value of a compulsory challenge is all about increasing your bonding experience by having to work, practice and train together. in 2018, we had our very special secret handshake.


You line up in the start chute by order of start time. You will receive your first challenge card 60 seconds before your team leaves the Start House. You will then be directed to where the first challenge is.

Once you have successfully completed the first challenge will you be given your next challenge card along with directions to and instructions for the next challenge. 

Challenge cards are your key to getting to the next challenge and contain all the information you need to complete it.


  1. Read your challenge card

  2. Locate the IN marshal at the 'IN FLAG' (The marshal will be wearing a fluorescent vest.)

  3. The marshal will point you to where you'll start the challenge.

*Marshals don't provide  instructions - all the info is written for you on the challenge card.  


  1. Once you've completed the challenge, you locate the OUT marshal at the 'OUT FLAG'.

  2. This marshal will check you have completed the challenge satisfactorily and give you your next challenge card along with where to go next.


An XRACE course varies from city to city. Some XRACES are held in parks, while others are near a beach. Each event will take advantage of the local geography - visit your event page to see how far and how hilly your course is. The average distance between challenges is between 250 m and 350 m. We really stress that you do not need to run - a fast walk or jog will still get your team around the course. Teams complete the course at a range of speeds with a range of fitness levels. 


XRACE is only as competitive as your team wants to be.

Some teams go from the gun and try and chase out an age-group trophy or even the overall win. Most don't. The majority of families are at XRACE to enjoy the family experience of being outdoors and completing awesome challenges together as a family. 


Families of a wide variety of physical fitness and ability enjoy our races. XRACE is the perfect training goal for your family to run or walk 3-4KM. We have heard from many families that XRACE was a huge source of motivation and ultimately, of pride, to train, race and finish together. 

You decide your pace and you decide your level of competitiveness. 



Firstly, congratulations! At the finish line, your team will receive a finisher medal each. At XRACE, we have a ritual that only teammates can place the finisher medal on their teammate and visa versa. It's a pretty cool moment, and one we hope you treasure.

Then there is a little bit of housekeeping. Your team need to take off their transponders and place them in the transponder bin (just after the finish line). 

When the last teams arrive, we will hold prize-giving. This is fun filled where we all enjoy each other's company having all just experienced a fantastic XRACE together.

Trophies are awarded to the fastest boys and girls for each age group. One team will be crowned XRACE champion and take home the big trophy. There will also be some awesome spot prizes given away at prize-giving.

For more detailed information - what to wear, what to bring along - visit the your event page, everything is listed there