We'd love to hear from you, but first please check out our most common XRACE event queries. They are listed below. If your query concerns something else, please complete the contact us form below. It can take up to 72 hours reply to this query. Thanks in advance. You can also check out our FAQ page as well. Click on this link here FAQ's

Changing ages or child gender.
If you have already registered and have mistakenly entered wrong gender or date of birth, please click on this form here.

If your team has received their race packs, there will be no refunds.

We offer a 50% refund of the entry fee paid to anyone who is unable to take part in one of our events for medical reasons. Notification of your intent to withdraw must be made at least one calendar month prior to the event using the online contact form on the event web site. At our discretion, we may request a medical certificate from a certified health professional prior to the refund being processed and you will then have 48 hours from our reply to supply this (the certificate should not say anything regarding your condition, only that you are unable to take part in the event). The refund will be actioned within 72 hours of acceptance by crediting the card used for the initial payment. No refunds are permitted outside of these conditions under any circumstances. We do not offer refunds for change of mind and encourage all entrants to take careful note of this prior to entering. We do allow entries to be deferred to the following year at our discretion or any other XRACE event the same year. You cannot transfer to the following year if you notify us after your XRACE.

We happily allow teams to switch family members.  To transfer, one of the original team members must still be in the team and take part. You CANNOT transfer both team members to another family under any circumstances. To transfer a team member, please click on this form here. 

Shirt swap
Our race packs are outsourced and we cannot change a shirt sizing. 

We want to go in the same wave
No problem - you will find out your race waves on the Wednesday before your event. If at that time you discover that your teams have been put in different waves, simply all go in the later of the two waves together.

Our kids want to switch parents
If you are in a family team of four and the kids would like to switch parents to race with, here is all you need to do.

  1. Make sure that the child wears their assigned transponder.

  2. The child can then start with either parent.

Transponders are not assigned to a team, they are assigned to the individual. 

While XRACE is designed for teams to be in a one to one ratio, teams made up of one parent and two children are also welcome to race to suit odd-numbered families. Just be aware that at some challenge points, you will have to take turns and/or get creative in completing the challenges as a trio. Please note that you will have to excuse yourself from winning any age-group trophies as a team of three.  To register, simply register two teams using yourself as the parent for both teams. 


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