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Congratulations - your family entry is now locked and loaded into XRACE and we look forward to hosting you on race day. Between now and then, here are our top ten tips and tricks that will make your race day as smooth as possible.

1. Like us on Facebook. Facebook is where we will stay in touch with your team, communicate any changes and update you on the fun stuff like photos and stories about your event. Click here like us on Facebook

2. Race week update We publish the race week update on our website from the Wednesday morning before your XRACE event. Click here to go to your event. This page will display your team name alongside your official start time or WAVE.

3. Waves Each XRACE uses different wave starts to help us reduce congestion when you arrive at challenges. We release between 10 and 30 teams every 60 seconds – this is called a wave.

So, if the race starts at 9:00 A.M and your team is allocated wave 12 - your start time will be 9:12 A.M. Collect your transponders in the registration area, tie them on your shoes, then make your way to the start line in time for your wave departure time. The announcer will call up waves by number into the start house where you will be joined by other teams in your wave.

Write your departure time on your hand so you don’t forget it.

4. There is no printed confirmation of this entry We do not post out any confirmation of this entry. We will publish the start list on the Wednesday morning before your event. If your name does not appear on this list, please contact us immediately by visiting the contact us page on our website.

5. Courier / postal delivery Some teams requested delivery of the race packs via post/courier. These race will be sent to you between seven and 14 days prior to your event. They will not be sent any earlier than that. If you have did not choose the courier option, you cannot choose it later.

6. Race packet collection on the day Race packs can be collected on the day and you will locate them at the race packet collection area.

7. Transponder collection Look for the brightly marked flag and table - near the entrance to the start line where you will collect your transponders. Transponders will be available based on your wave start.

8. Compulsory challenges We will have up to 3 compulsory challenges and will notify you on the Wednesday morning of your event on the race week update page. To find out what these challenges are, you must visit this page.

9. Tips and tricks Visit our "how-to XRACE" page on the website to give you all the latest tricks on how to navigate your way around our team family friendly challenges.

10. Sportsmanship A final note, please remember we expect nothing more than the highest level of sportsmanship at our XRACE. We appreciate your support on this matter in advance.

Kind regards

The XRACE Team